Harbinger M120 120-Watt 4-Channel Compact Portable PA System with 12″ Speakers Review

Harbinger M120
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From the manufacturer:

The Harbinger M120 Portable PA system is a simple solution for anyone needing a simple, portable and affordable sound system for smaller performances, presentations and rehearsals.

Designed for more intimate spaces, the Harbinger M120 system includes a 4-channel powered mixer, loudspeakers and even speaker cables. It’s an ideal system for singer/songwriters, presenters, DJs and instructors who need to stay mobile.

Let’s break this portable PA system down.

The Amplifier

Harbinger M120 Portable PA System amplifier front.

Starting with the amp, which is the power behind the beast, this thing is pretty sweet. With four individual inputs allowing for either a microphone or an instrument, each channel allows you to adjust the low and high gain going 15 decibels either way. There is an effects level knob that allows you to adjust the built-in digital delay effect. The peak LED and the volume knob work hand in hand. You will want to adjust this so this diode barely is seen. Doing so will prevent distortion from occurring.

Master Controls

Harbinger M120 Portable PA System amplifier front, main controls zoom.

The master section includes a 3-band equalizer, an FX Master knob to adjust the mix level of the effect sound, and a Time knob to increase or decrease the interval time between delays. There is a power indicator which, well, tells you if its on or off. A nice feature; the aux in RCA jacks allow you to connect an external device, such as a mp3 player, along with a level control knob.

The Record Output RCA phono jacks provide signal output to audio equipment. This is great for use with a portable audio recorder, such as the Roland CD-2u SD/CD Recorder or the Tascam DR-05 (don’t forget the ⅛” to RCA adapter). You can get a direct feed of the sound without too much (if any) background noise (see my live sound setup guide for further detail). Last but not least, the Master volume. I don’t think I have to go into too much detail… There is also a jack for a footswitch to toggle the built-in delay effect.

Spinning this around…

Harbinger M120 Portable PA System amplifier back.

The rear panel consists of the standard power switch and power socket. The speaker out jacks allow for two speakers at 125 watts with an impedance load between 4 and 8 ohms. The main insert allows for the main output to be sent to an external signal processor, such as the Behringer Ultra-DI DI400P Passive DI-Box. This is great if you are sending the signal to a separate mixing board or recorder. To do this, you will need an unbalanced ¼” insert cable like the Hosa 1/4″ TRS to Dual 1/4″ TS Insert Cable for this connection.

The Speakers

Harbinger M120 Portable PA System speaker.

The speakers are pretty straight forward. Each being a 12 inch, 80 watt, 8 ohm 25.5lbs unit with dimensions of H 23.2” x W 14.4” x D 12.8”. Unless you want to set these on the floor or elevated by chairs or something, you will need stands. Check out this On-Stage SSP7900 All-Aluminum Speaker Stand Package with Bag.

Overall, The Harbinger M120 Portable PA system is great for a one or two man band. All that’s missing is a mic, stand, and mic cable