Ohuhu Tripod Boom Mic Stand

Ohuhu Tripod Boom Mic Stand with 2 Mic Clip Holders
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Ohuhu Tripod Boom Mic Stand boom arm view

I would say that the coolest thing about the Ohuhu Tripod Boom Mic Stand is that it comes with two places for a microphone. You have the main pole and a boom attachment. This boom allows for a 360 degree adjustment. It also can slide up and down the upper portion of the main post and not fixed near the top like most others. This is great if you have two things to mic, such as a guitar and voice. You can use this stand for both and at the same time.

Ohuhu Tripod Boom Mic Stand measurement view

Putting the boom aside for the moment, collapsed it is 29” and fully erect 52”. Because the boom is removable, this stand can be used at various events. What’s nice is that the legs can be adjusted individually; meaning stability on most uneven surfaces. And with the rubber feet at the bottom, you don’t have to worry about scuffs and scratches.

The way I would use the Ohuhu Tripod Boom Mic Stand (in a standing position) is to place a vocal mic on the boom and another for guitar on the straight part. I would position the guitar mic to the proper level and then move the boom near my mouth. It would basically be almost vertical.