Roland CD-2u SD/CD portable recorder

Roland CD/2U
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If you’re looking for an all-in-one device that will capture any live production or presentation, the Roland CD-2u SD/CD portable recorder is the perfect tool for the job. With built in stereo microphones and the ability to either record to SD card or burn directly to disc makes this recorder worth the investment. You can use this device for instrumental and vocal ensembles, personal practice, auditions, private lessons, and dance lessons.

With any recording setup, the quality of all things involved contributes to the quality of the recording. The microphones are one of the main devices doing this. Having two high-quality condenser microphones positioned for optimal stereo imaging will do this justice.

Main Features

The four main features of this portable recorder are speed change, key change, center cancel/center focus, and A-B repeat.

  • Speed change. This will allow you to change the tempo without losing pitch. This allows you to decrease or increase the recording (50% – 200%) which is great for practicing. You can slow down the piece and correct the details of a certain section or the whole track.
  • Key change. In contrast, this function allows for the change in pitch while keeping the tempo. This is vital when practicing or performing vocals. It allows for any music to be adjusted to a comfortable pitch. This is a great use for many different singers from soprano to bass.
  • Center cancel/center focus. This allows you to either mute the center channel or isolate it. This will either cut out most of the vocals, creating an instrumental track, or cut out the music for critiquing.
  • A-B repeat. This allows you to create a point to point loop. This is useful for practicing. It can be combined with Speed Change to be more useful.

Looking it over:

Roland CD-2u SD/CD portable recorder top

The top panel is pretty straight forward. The speakers are on the top and mics are at the bottom. So be sure to position this properly if you are using these built-in microphones. There is a metronome button that will help when practicing for a recording. There are knobs for controlling both external mics and line inputs. This is useful in balancing the inputs before and during a recording.

Roland CD-2u SD/CD portable recorder side

The left side panel is where all the inputs and outputs are. Moving left to right, you will see to XLR/TRS combo jacks that will produce phantom power. To the left is an ⅛” mic jack. These style microphones supply their own power. Up next are the RCA Line in and Out jacks. These are used for any external audio source or destination such as a keyboard or speakers. Last on the list is a headphone jack which is great for personal listening when practicing.

Roland CD-2u SD/CD portable recorder accessories

The Roland CD/2u does come with an AC adapter, a 4gb SD card, and a remote.

My Thoughts

Though I haven’t used this model in particular, I really enjoyed working with this Roland CD/2U portable recorder. The ease of recording a live performance on the fly was remarkable. Before, it took microphones hooked to a separate mixing board outputting a CD recorder. Now it’s as easy as two buttons (and a CD).

I really like the highlighted functions. What’s great is when you combine key change with the center cancel function. Doing these you can adjust the music to a specified pitch, drop the vocals, and burn the results to a disc for Karaoke use!

There is also a built-in metronome to aid in practice. This is most useful when recording a practice track. You can keep proper timing while performing. You will benefit when listening to this later by understanding what needs adjustment and practice.

Best of all, this unit can run on 6 alkaline or Ni-MH batteries making it extremely versatile and portable. Note: The AC adapter is required to play/burn a CD. If you do not need the CD drive, the Tascam DP-006 Digital Portastudio Multitrack Recorder is definitely the way to go.

Other than that, I’d pull the trigger, and would definitely get a bigger SD card. This is a great device that has many good reviews. You will be happy with the results that this thing brings you.