Tascam DR-05 Digital Recorder (version 2)

Tascam DR-05 (version 2)
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Because it’s compact design and excellent built-in omnidirectional condenser stereo microphones, the Tascam DR-05 (version 2) is the perfect digital recorder for any occasion. The DR-05 records high-resolution audio in MP3 or WAV format to microSD or microSDHC media of up to 32gb. The mini-USB 2.0 port allows for external power along with data transfer from the memory card. With two AA alkaline batteries, you can record up to 17.5 hours of audio (this depends on the format and quality).

The most intriguing features is in its software. Both the Peak Reduction and Quick Menu features grant it an enhanced experience. Peak Reduction will reduce the input volume automatically to an appropriate level when excessively large signals come in. The Quick Menu pertains to whatever mode the recorder is in, providing the optimal options to choose from.

Tascam DR-05 Digital Recorder (version 2) left side.
Tascam DR-05 Digital Recorder (version 2) top.
Tascam DR-05 Digital Recorder (version 2) right side.

This digital recorder also has ⅛” mic in and headphones/line out jacks. These are useful when you want capture the sound with a lavalier microphone and listen to your recording privately.

A small tripod is also made for this unit. Using this will better position the recorder for more optimal audio reception.

There seems to be two versions for sale. Version 2 of the DR-05 is a software update which adds the following:

  • Non destructive overdub
  • Reverb effect
  • Auto recording when the signal is detected
  • Auto Mark to automatically add markers during the recording
  • Auto Tone

Or you could just opt for the package which includes (from Amazon’s description) a deluxe accessory bundle contains a professional XPIX lavalier condenser microphone, sturdy table tripod, 32GB MicroSDHC memory card, Samson stereo headphones, cleaning accessories, and 4 AA rechargeable batteries with a charger.

Either way, the Tascam DR-05 is an excellent investment for any recording need. Every person who has a need for capturing audio should definitely get one.